Kits Coty


Thank you for your enquiry regarding a booking at Kits Coty Brasserie.

In order to simplify service and ordering times we ask larger groups dining with us to pre select their orders prior to arrival.  We have attached our current group-booking menu, which offers a selection of our latest and most popular dishes.  A larger selection of vegetarian dishes can be made available.Please inform the organizer of any dietary requirements.

Please be aware we do make changes to our group-booking menu. For advance bookings please contact us nearer to your event for an up to date menu.

Please use the attached group booking form to forward your total orders at the latest of one week prior to your event.  We ask that organisers keep a copy of everybody’s individual choices to bring to the event.

A booking can only be confirmed on receipt of a £100.00 deposit. A room hire charge may also be required depending on the size and when your event takes place.

Yours faithfully

Allan & Sue Casey